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June, 2019
Hello fellow gardeners!

I hope your spring has been productive so far! I have found another outlet to spread the word about gardening.  I have a facebook page called Kerri's flowers. At this point, I have just shared some pictures. I have had some interaction from others as well as an invitation to go see a garden. It was beautiful! Thanks to my friend and gracious host Karen for inviting me to her home and gifting me some lovely lavender she grew from seed!

Today, I wanted to talk about pollinators and the plants they love. I will focus on bats and bees. Other pollinators include birds, ants, wasps, flies, and other insects.


Yikes! I always thought bats were scary. The poor things have been victimized by Hollywood. They actually help us a great deal. Did you know according to the Department of Natural Resources, they can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour?! Now there is a creature Hollywood could build some scary movies around, THE MOSQUITO!!! I would much rathe…

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